About Us


We make house calls!

PC Doctors is the premier technology service, consulting and sales company with 30 years of experience.  We service all makes and models of computers, networking equipment, phones, phone systems and smart devices.  Thinking of getting rid of your cable or satellite provider and moving to Over The Air and Internet Streaming services? We are here to help!


Established in 1995.

PC Doctors is a dynamic, growing company that is pleased to offer a wide range of services.  Our broad knowledge base spans the Windows, Android, Linux and Mac operating systems, and we are able to troubleshoot and repair all brands of laptops, desktops, hardware, software, printers, scanners, tablet’s and other electronics.

We make house calls! Unlike many other technology service providers we come to your business or home anywhere in Central Wisconsin to diagnose and prescribe the correct action that should be implemented to fill your needs.

We specialize in network design, VoIP Phones and phone systems, installation, troubleshooting, repair, updating and maintenance; this also includes wireless and remote access. We can assist you every step of the way to ensure you get the highest security, quality and service. We help aid in implementing new technology by training you and your staff to access the new resources available.